1. Full ICS Style
    ICS Icons, Folders, Outlines, Drawer Tabs, etc.
  2. Custom Desktop Pages/Grid
    Up to 9 desktop pages and 10 x 10 grid.
  3. Custom Drawer Portrait/landscape Grid
    Set different drawer grid for portrait and landscape screen.
  4. Scrollable Dock
    Up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
  5. Infinite Scrolling
    Loop through your desktop/drawer/dock continuously.
  6. Desktop Previews
    Pinch to access desktop previews.
  7. Backup and Restore
    Backup and restore your settings and shortcuts.
  8. Other Customization Options
    Keep in memory, home key action, hide labels, etc.
Beta 6 (May 26, 2012) changes:
  • Swipe up/down Gestures
  • Option for home key to launch any app
  • Prep work for scrollable widgets (not work yet)
  • Fix FCs
  • Updated translations
More screenshots from Samsung Galaxy Y:

Download apk: Click here.
Developer: mobint from xda-developers


  1. How did you changed the status bar?

  2. For the status bar I used this app called "Super Status Bar". Gives you a selection of a few styles including ICS, but it has some small bugs.

  3. Hello,
    I recently downloaded Holo launcher to my galaxy y and I liked it a lot. But, when I go to the menu of the phone some icons aren't changed, the camera for example, it hasn't changed.
    Please help me. I want to change the menu icons.

    P.s: Sorry for bad writing, I'm Brazilian.

  4. Quite odd. When you go Launcher Settings -> General Settings, do you see Use ICS Icons box ticked?

  5. Yes, but there is no ics icon in the menu but the phone icon...
    I wonder if it's because i have go launcher ex installed. I'd like so much to have the ics icons in the menu without to have to install a ROM.
    I don't want to void the warranty... :(
    Can you help me?

  6. I think best would be to contact the developer, I have provided a link to the original xda thread.

  7. Hey, I forgot to thank you, sorry.
    I already contacted the dev. he said some devices has different names for the aplications in the system, so some icons wouldn't change. He said he will consider fix it in next versions.
    Isn't it great? rsrs
    Thanks for the atention.