V2 changes:
  • New sound configuration
    Added missing files
    Added more lib files
    Added new framework file
    Added new binary file
    New lib configuration for sound effect
Download: Click here.

  1. Copy the .zip to sd card
  2. Boot in to the recovery (Hold volume up key + Home key + Power key simulatenously)
  3. Install .zip from sd card and choose this zip.

Disclaimer: GYA and the developer are not responsible if you damage your phone. Do this at your own risk. Many people at xda have done is succesfully including myself, and you can feel the changes.

D3HuM4NiZ3D from xda-developers for making this mod.
kurotsugi from xda-developers for tuning/modding this mod perfectly for our SGY.

Tuned mod thread:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1646406

Fellow GYA users, this is even better than the last one! A must install!


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