Boost the performance of your Android phone to get rid of lags and slow responses using a simple script called the V6 SuperCharger script. It is similar to automatic memory management software but does it by running a script in the boot sequence and making it a default in the operating system. It also makes the home launcher ‘hard-to-kill’ saving it from reloading and straining the memory. 

It will make your Android run like a...
So.. Hold on Tight!

The V6 Supercharger script can be safely run on all Android phones; be it stock ROMs or third-party ROMs. It has presently been tested with Android Gingerbread and the effect will purely depend on the type of phone specs (GPU type, CPU speed and RAM capacity) and definitely on the kernel type. It will also depend on the amount of TSR (terminate and stay resident) apps such as alarms, live wallpapers, etc, that you may have installed which cause additional memory strain. Those using ICS-based ROMs can also try the similar method.


After you have correctly installed all of the above files, you can move on to the next stage and follow the guide to setup the script on your Android phone. This guide is made for Galaxy Y users, so you can simply follow the steps and see your Young running smoothly! ;)

Guide: V6 SuperCharger Update 9 RC 8.2 + for Samsung Galaxy Young

Developer: zeppelinrox

If you found this awesome script useful and working, then don't forget to Thank Zeppelinrox here!


  1. Do you think it is required for JellyBlast v3.03?
    Since jellyblast already boosted the performance.

  2. I can't say this as I don't own a Galaxy Y, so you will have to try it on your own. But if you have memory (RAM) problems or whole memory is being used by some apps then it will lessen the lag and you will be able to do multi-tasking efficiently!

  3. busybox is always failing to install .. how am i going to fix this ..???

  4. Which ROM are you using? If you're on a Custom ROM then there are chance that Busybox would be pre-installed with the ROM you flashed! Just check if it is installed, neither try other versions of Busybox but remember it should be v1.16.2 or above.

  5. Try again and read the onscreen instructions properly.

  6. i am using CREED rom. i cannot install the busybox. waht to do now?

  7. step 11 in the GUIDE is wrong 20 not 21 (Nitro Lag Nullifier)

    and enter (i) not (N) to apply Nitro Lag Nullifier, in the same step

  8. i using creed v4 and i installed busybox......XP

  9. im stick on 75% but my SGY now is very very fast, thats awesome

  10. can i use this script on galaxy y duos