1. CPU FREQ:
    • 156
    • 312
    • 468
    • 624
    • 832
  2. NETFILTER (Firewall support)
  3. Swap support
  4. CPU Governors: To know about governors click here
    • SmartassV2 --> Balanced(name changed to identify easily)
    • LAZY --> BattSaver(changed name)
    • Wheatley --> Turbodroid
    • Interactive
    • Performance
    • bcm21553(Tweaked)
    • ondemand
    • conservative(Tweaked)(default)
  5. I/O Schedulers: To know about I/O click here
    • Deadline
    • Noop
    • V(R)
    • SIO(Default)
  6. INIT.D support (provided by Manoranjan2050 )
    More info on init.d click here go below in that post.
  7. Busybox support (provided by Manoranjan2050 )
  8. Custom Boot logo (Improved quality)
  9. Ext4 Support. (Ext3 and 2 are supported too)
  10. NTFS support
  11. BACEM TWEAK included.
  12. Battery life improved..
  13. Performance tweaked..
  14. A2SD Supported
Download: Click here.

  1. Copy these files inside SDCard.. CompactV1.2.5.zip (kernel), CWM-6102.zip (ClockWorkMod Recovery tool) - Click here to download it. 
  2. Note: Don't keep these files inside any "FOLDERS".. Just copy it to SDCard root (parent) folder..
  3. Switch off your mobile.
    After a small vibration (switch off confirmation) PRESS and HOLD 3 BUTTONS (VOLUME UP+HOME BUTTON+POWER BUTTON) when samsung galaxy logo appears, release the 3 pressed keys..
  4. After few seconds.. You will see Android system recovery (red text with 4 options lines)..
    Select "apply update from sdcard"
    Note: (Volume up+down for "scrolling" through options or selection of files, home button for "select" any option.. in CWM only: power button for "back" option)
    Then Select "CWM-6102.zip".
  5. ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.6 is loaded now. 
  6. Select "install zip from sdcard"
  7. Select "choose zip from sdcard"
  8. Scroll and Select "CompactV1.2.5.zip" and select "Yes"
  9. Wait till the menu appears again..
  10. Select "Reboot system now" and you have successfully installed Compact kernel.
 Known bugs:
  1. Brightness bug on 156 frequency.
Recommended apps to use with kernel:
  • You can try Avast! for firewall feature.
  • No-frills CPU Control for setting the above features like Freq, governors, I/O schedulers..
  • CPU SPY for checking CPU frequency states usage.
  • Quick System Info PRO for checking whether they are working and what all are included features.
  • All 4 apps for free and available at google's play store.. Or You can try any other apps of your choice like Set CPU, CPU Tuner etc.
  • Irfanbagus for bug fix of source code and BACEM TWEAK.. 
  • Kurotsugi for providing guidance and source of his kernel.  
  • Manoranjan2050 for ALL the help with bug fixes, guidance and source code fix!! 
  • Maroc-OS for providing tips and help and info for development and ramdisk.. 
  • Millan.SIS for providing valuable CWM and flash tool.
  • Savie for providing tips and info.
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  1. this kernel doesn't work good. indeed it gives problem of britness that changes automatically.