In 18th January whitexp from xda-developers released the Release Candidate 2 of version 2.0 of CyanogenMod7 for Galaxy Young which includes various fixes and ofcourse, the latest released libs by Broadcom. This means that this build runs even smoother than the older one and you can even play some games decently.

Note: The changelogs which you will read from RC1 are included in RC2. (The version which is posted here for download).

v2.0 RC1:
  • Added new libs for HW acceleration provided by Broadcom (Games should now work good, animations should be faster now)
  • Fixed media scanner with 3rd party apps
  • Minor fixes for ldpi layouts
  • Minor fixes for wifi (wpa_supplicant service hasn't been fixed for now)
  • Removed gralloc opensource and using prebuilt gralloc from Broadcom.
v2.0 RC2:
  • Included WiFi module
  • Minor fixes for build.prop
Download CyanogenMod7 v2.0 RC2: Click here.

Installation instructions:
Before doing all of this I would recommend that you flash to a clean stock rom and kernel to stay away from all the bootloop hassle.

Part 1: Installing the kernel:
  1. Download Odin - Click here to download.
  2. Extract the rar file using WinRAR, 7zip or any other archive program
  3. Run the Odin program
  4. In PDA field find and choose white.1.0.1.tar - Click here to download white.1.0.1.tar
  5. Start your Galaxy Y into Downloading mode (hold Power button + Volume down + Home button) and connect it to your computer, you should see a yellow colored box indicating that your phone is connected to an USB port.
  6. Leave all of the options as they are and just click on Start.
  7. Wait for it to be done, your phone should reboot and you should have white's kernel.
  8. Alternatively, you can just flash the kernel using recovery mode - Click here to download flashable zip
Part 2: Installing CyanogenMod7:
  1. Boot your SGY into Recovery mode (hold Power button + Volume up + Home button)
  2. You should be in ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Go to mount and storage
  4. Choose Format system
  5. Choose Mount system (if you do not see this option, system is already mounted and you don't have to mount)
  6. Go back, choose wipe data
  7. Choose Install zip from sdcard
  8. Find (CM7) which you just downloaded from here and choose it
  9. Then choose Yes
  10. Wait for it to install it, press the back button and reboot.
  11. Enjoy the latest stable CM7.
If you are having any problems with the flashing, or want to post some feedback on how it works for the rest of the viewers, feel free to leave a comment.
If you wish to report bugs and problems, please direct them to it's official xda thread:

Mitko (Author)
About The Author:

Mitko is the main author and founder behind GalaxyYArchive blog. He is a senior highschool student who loves tweaking his Android phone and sharing new discoveries with his blog readers.
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  1. Domantas JackvečiusJanuary 19, 2013 at 4:24 AM

    Wi-Fi isn't working:/

  2. I am Trying now

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    Its Stops Here

  3. Never tried WiFi on it as I don't have a router, but I'm pretty sure 90% of xda members claim it works.

  4. I've never had your problem but I have a feeling something may be interfeering with the connection.

    Open up Task Manager (CTRL+Alt+Del) and look for any processes with names of Kies, or adb. Kill those processes and try again.

  5. I was secuss fully intall this ROM But it Hanging the system Please Help Me.And fastly replay me i am wating wating your answer Miko sir

  6. Did you install the kernel succesfully before that?

  7. yes sir,Thank's for replaying me

  8. After flashing white's kernel, when you boot into recovery do you see the stock or CWM?

  9. Can I Flash another time this ROM

  10. Well yes you could try going back to some stock rom and then re-do the instructions.

  11. Hello Mitko sir when i was installing Skin1980-GT-S5360 CWM.Zip,CWM system will Hanging

  12. when i was installing Skin1980-GT-S5360 CWM.Zip,CWM system will Hanging

  13. Please make a Video Installation

  14. good perfomance but.. ugly graphics bugs man !

  15. Jiban Chauca PerezJanuary 19, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    no tengo conexión a internet y tampoco puedo usar la camara !! =/

  16. Ok I will see what I can do in the upcoming week.

  17. wipe factory reset before u install..and data.

  18. is broadcom a cheap that "installed" inside the phone??

  19. i intall but i getting problem When i open any application The Hole System Getting Hang, Its My Request to Mitko sir ,Please me a Installation Video, I Love this ROM And Blog

  20. Mitko sir i am Waiting for instillation Video

  21. Almost done with the recording, i need to edit and render now, 1 more hour.

  22. yes, the wifi doesn't work