A CyanogenMod7 based ROM developed by percy215 from xda-developers.
This will basically be like the latest CM7 (v2) released for Galaxy Young if you've tried it out containing the same old problems, big problems such as most games not running well, etc. But this has a few tweaks added and the UI has been changed.

Changes in RC3:
Based CM 7 v2 RC 2 by whitexp
Added CM bootanimation
Added new apps like quickpic,no frill cpu ,system app replacer,replaced dsp manager with beats manager,camera illusion,videocam illusion and many more !
New guide Updated - Click here to see.
Phabletslider beta by evanlocked - Click here to download.

Older updates:
  • Adrenaline engine added
  • Apollo music added
  • New file manager
  • New UI icons not much changed
  • New bootanimation
Progress and features of current CM:
  • Network
  • Sound
  • MIUI themes
  • Telephony
  • Screenshot
  • SD card
  • Gallery
  • WiFi
  • HW libs added
Known bugs:
  • Bluetooth not working at all
  • Low volume of sound while playing songs not in call
  • No automatic media scanning, you must do it through Meridian Player.

Download the ROM:
Doing the below procedure could lead to damaging your phone (soft-brick).
GalaxyYArchive will not be responsible for any unrecoverable damages, loss of data and other possible consequences, do this at your own risk!
Note: Before flashing the zip, be sure to have a kernel that supports CM7 (e.g.: white kernel 1.3.3 or HELL_LOCK #63)
  1. Download the zip and put it on your sdcard
  2. Power off your phone and boot into recovery mode
  3. Wipe data and cache
  4. Go to mounts and storage and choose mount /system
  5. Go back and choose to install zip from sdcard
  6. Choose the rom zip file, then choose Yes when asked
  7. After installation is complete press the Power button to go back
  8. Choose reboot system now
  9. After the phone boots up, go to Settings -> Performance -> scrolling cache -> Force disable for color flickering.
  10. Reboot.
  11. Enjoy the rom. For newbies check the guide - Click here to see
Official xda thread for troubleshooting:


  1. I really appreciate your wonderful job and I hope to be Arabic in languages

  2. he is not a developer
    he is a copy paste

  3. hey mitko cn u give me kernel file in .zip formet either hell lock or white 1.3.3 coz im unble to flash .tar file via odin..plzzzz.....!!

  4. You would need to contact the dev to get him to add a specific language (if he can).

  5. Ain't got a zip of 1.3.3 but 1.0.1 would do the job too. :)


  6. after flashing the rom..the setup wizard opens up..and then the setup wizard just crashes..and then i cant do anything except lock the screen and unlock...what do i do now?did i do something wrong?i flashed all the files available in the xda thread..the HW libs..the NT patcher and phablet slider..and obviously the rom.. so what do i do?

  7. Have you installed any of the 2 kernels mentioned above before everything else?

  8. when i open an app the system reboots...

  9. never mind..thanks a lot!!..i just flashed stock..and the only flashed the ROM file and it worked..something went wrong somewhere else...

  10. This ROM in spanish please? Thanks.

  11. how to downgrade,,,,previous version.