Presenting you the Custom ROM CyanoCream developed by nsnikhil from xda-developers. The post thread there has been closed and the download link has been removed but don't worry, we got it all. :)

UI Features:

  • Fast and smooth Jelly Bean Framework.
  • Lovely and sleek Jelly Bean Tabbed Settings.
  • Dark and Light Holo Themed File Manager.
  • Absolute Android 4.2 Status Bar.
  • Stylish Android 4.2 Icons.
  • Beautiful Android 4.2 Transition Animations.
  • Android 4.2 Desk Clock and Clock Widgets.
  • Lovely Android 4.2 Dialer with HD Caller screen Images support.
  • A great Android 4.2 Contacts with HD Contacts Images.
  • Android 4.2 Calender with Agenda options too.
  • Cool Android 4.2 Memo.
  • Awesome looking Android 4.2 FM Radio.
  • The fastest ICS themed Keyboard.
  • Excellent Power Saving Mode.
  • Fast and simple JB themed Camera.
  • Android 4.2 Play Store
  • Holo Light awesome Android 4.2 Messaging.
  • The unique Cream Launcher-The First Jelly Bean Launcher-on your phone now!
  • All Cyanogenmod 10.1 HD Wallpapers.
  • Jelly Bean Themed Calculator, Task Manager, Youtube, GMail and Email apps.
  • Adrenaline Engine.
  • Loopy Smoothness.
  • SysInit.
  • Journaling.
  • Journalism Off.
  • Dis_Norm_Sleeper.
  • Sick.
  • Sqlite_Optimizer.
  • Bacem Tweak.
  • Darky Zipalign
  • 18 Local.prop Tweaks
  • 20 Build.prop Tweaks(Quick 3G, AdBlocker, Image Clarity Tweaks etc.)
Unique built-in 5 star Features:
  • CREAM LAUNCHER - The original Jelly Bean Launcher! Now on your ROM! With numerous customization and preferences settings!!Really! Who needs update?
  • PICTURE CLARITY - Sony Cybershot Mod and Mobile Bravia Engine 2.0-now view your images like never before!
  • OVERCLOCKED Kernel - ""bOOST"" The new Overclocked fastest kernel gives longest battery life,upto 10 bootup script for performance, decreased boot time improved multitasking
  • CyanogenMod 10 File Mnager - "CUT COPY PASTE " Manage files easier than before with cm10 file manager.
THE ANDROID 4.2: With CYANOCREAM, get the originality of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on your phone. See your Little Young. It has-the unique Cream Launcher-a complete replica of the Jelly Bean Launcher, the JB Framework, the JB Settings, Task Manager, File Explorer and the Android 4.2 Status Bar, and lots more-get the taste of Jelly Bean in everything with Cream.

THE BUTTERY-SMOOTH, ROCK-SOLID AND ION-STABLE UI: With CyanoCream, get your phone work on the smoothest framework ever. You get no lag, no Error. Young will really be young and run flawlessly. The silky smooth transitions and animation of apps-This indeed is something which will charm you!

TWEAKIES AND TWEAKIES! EVERYWHERE: Nemesis One features loads of tweaks to get the best out of your phone. There are as many as 50 build.prop and 15 init.d tweaks. Get the most renowned built-in Kernel tweaks with Nemesis Fusion. You get the greatest tweaks like Adrenaline-Engine, Sony Cybershot Mod, complete Kuro Tweaks, Built-in Adblockers etc. etc.


Download ROM - * temporary removed for small investigation.

  1. It is recommended to start off with a stock rom and kernel to stay away from possible bootloops
  2. Power off your phone, boot into Recovery mode
  3. From there, flash CWM recovery - Click here if you don't have it
  4. Go to mounts and storage and mount everything you can
  5. Go back, wipe data and cache then go to advanced and wipe dalvik cache
  6. Choose to install zip from sdcard
  7. Find the CC-V1 zip file and choose it then choose Yes when asked
  8. After installation is complete, go back and choose Reboot system now
  9. Wait a few minutes for the phone to start up, be patient!    


  1. you will banned this mod contains warez

  2. why is removed link from xda i don't understand ?

  3. Its Mitko's personal blog! How is he gonna get Banned? You moron. SMH

  4. i tried to download the zip file but it keeps on stopping by itself... o_O

  5. The file has been uploaded at a cloud hosting server with a very high download speed. Try with a different browser.

  6. As far as I know, the guy used a few people's "work" without asking for permission, etc and as usual everyone complained there which lead to forum thread being closed aswell as download link being removed.

  7. All I know is that he used some stuff without permission, which apps are warez in this ROM?

    Also I honestly don't care if I get banned from xda-developers forum, I don't like the Galaxy Y forums there at all, it's filled with irritating people.

  8. source code is without permissions and thread closed

    rom not containt warez

  9. Is it worth it upgrating from nemesis hd??

  10. i would like someone to answer this question

  11. i hv tried it 2 times its downloading is stopping

  12. Mitko why is not download please tell me

  13. is this applicable to galaxy pocket?

  14. I was stuck on the logo hp samsung galaxy y, go into recovery mode can not, please?

  15. I will review this ROM in a few minutes to see if it uses any paid apps or anything else suspicious, will remove then, re-sign zip and post a download link.

    As for other people's "stolen work" from xda-developers as they didn't create those apps from scratch, they themselves have also modded/themed the system apps which come from Android which is open-source, blah blah blah.

    tl;dr: Once this ROM is warez free, a download link will be shared along with a video.

  16. Its awesome but how to edit status bar tweeks help

  17. Ok so instead of wasting my time flashing this just to test and ruining my sd-ext partition, could you please tell me the list of apps that come installed with this rom?
    Is for example AnTuTu CPU Master Pro installed?

    As for your question sorry I cannot answer as I still haven't tried the rom.

  18. Flash a stock rom with Odin. You can't go to Recovery mode but Download mode is accessible so just take off the battery, put it back in, boot into Download mode (hold volume down + Power button + home button) and flash a stock rom with Odin. It will be as good as new.


  20. Mitko sir where is download Link

  21. Ok not a problem but you should try it

  22. Muhammad Syaiful HadiMarch 25, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    thanks :D

  23. Hiii Mitko... how to flash stock rom without any need of Odin?? Plss reply ASAP!! Tnx..

  24. do this in odin...? i do root from my galaxy but it swon E;mount memory card.. bla bla.... plz help me plz

  25. can you give me some copy of this ROM?

  26. guys!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Give me Some COpy of this rom plzzzzz

  27. when you going bring back this link again so that i can use this rom we love this rom its sound like shit with someone who remove the download link it bcause you did the best rom! \

  28. where the download link

  29. lol thats how nemesisone with other name xD what a awesome joke

  30. is ther any BUGS inthis Rom...FRendzz please tell me have installed it ...

  31. here is the download link

    thank me personal 0737252517

  32. are you sure this is the download link??? it says you need to download to open this rom this is correct?


  34. THe ota updater is showing that the updates are available for this rom but..
    the update package is not downloading....
    the internet is also not working....

  35. can it be installed in android version 2.3.6?

  36. yes u nid to download it first, sorry 4 takin tym to respond

  37. hey why is the battery showing 1% when im charging(cant increase higher battery percentage) and the signal says no service :'( please reply i really love this rom :'''''(

  38. when i install this rom my phone is not booting .... i follow all instructions correctly ... i try to install it 2 times but still my phone not booting ...

  39. I'm thinking of leaving nemesis so for that i need a new ROM, so is this better or worse than nemesis

  40. plzzz heip me i downloaded this rom and i also installed rom but the internet connection is not working...plzzz help meeee

  41. cool rom ... all are working perfectly with no problem .... wifi and internet are working.... thanks

  42. stupid and crappy roms
    just blasts off your imei in exchange for a smooth experience
    if you are not concerned about network reception or loss of imei go ahead and get this rom

  43. please dont try this guys
    just for your safety
    better stick to your gingerbread device or get a new jellybean one
    the developers are never gonna take responsibilty even if you do all the steps correctly
    just fool people in the hunt of a richer experience