This custom ROM is being developed by Aniruddh Chandratre from xda-developers. The ROM is based off madteam's cm7 build so all of the famous bugs on the current cm7 exist on this rom too.

So first of all let's remind you what is known to work and what is not working on this ROM.

  • Camera
  • GSM
  • WiFi
  • 2G, 3G
  • Touchscreen
  • Hardware
Not working:
  • Bluetooth
  • Jelly bean and Ice cream sandhwich themed.
  • Jelly bean platlogo
  • CM7 Themes compatible
  • Build prop tweaks
  • init.d tweaks
  • ... And many more!

Download ROM - Click here.

  1. First of all be sure to install white's kernel (1.3.1) because it supports CM7
  2. Once you are with white's kernel, boot into Recovery mode
  3. Flash CWM recovery because you will be using some advanced options
  4. Once in CWM, go to mounts and storage then format /system and then mount /system
  5. Now go back and wipe data
  6. Choose the option to install zip from sdcard
  7. Then choose zip from sdcard
  8. Find the and select it
  9. Choose yes when asked
  10. Reboot and be patient for the first boot
Credits and more information at:


  1. Richmond BanguiranMarch 25, 2013 at 5:52 PM

    Hi mitko, do you have any knowledge how to fix mount /system error ? or error mount /system (Invalid Argument) ? help me pls ..

  2. the worst rom ever..... most of the features r nt working

  3. mitko is not developer he is copy paste from other sites and forums

  4. I've never had this problem myself but judging by people's replies that solved this in the past were by using another CWM. I believe it has something to do with the CWM you're using not supporting ext4, etc. In your case I would try with madteam's.

    Let me know how it went. :)

  5. You don't have to be a developer to know simplistic things, unlike the other 12 year-olds, I do not copy off of people's websites but I recreate forum threads with my own custom layout.

  6. error in gallery, cant view the tumb folders..also eror when plying videos

  7. man you is noob
    all thing is this blog is from xda
    just you copy and paste

  8. From now on any off-topic comments will be deleted. I don't care if you think I'm knowledgeable or not. The whole point of this blog is to spread information on Galaxy Y releases such as mods and custom ROMs and a few tutorials for various things, even if the ROMs and mods are not done by me, I'm still spreading that information to the world saving them time crawling through threads on forums.

  9. Mitko , is this Gonna Work in Galaxy y Duos ???

  10. wew are u sure the camera are workng properly>>>?

  11. Oh yeah? Well, Aniruddh is 14 years old.... and his ROM Elegance Has been banned. I think that this too is a crap copy.

  12. Is that working on galaxy y s5300?

  13. plzzz give this white's kernel (1.3.1).....
    or give me download page....
    if u send .zip file...
    send on ...
    thnk u....