Hello Samsung Galaxy Y Users,
                     My first post had been released. XDA Senior Member reyocio 
developed an Update for Hyperion 8. Well reyocio said that all users of Hyperion Plus must give thanks to the developer of Hyperion 8, CarlDeanCatabay.Hyperion Plus will be included in the final build base of Hyperion 8.

Whats Added?
  • Re-arrange some app orders
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Carrier Name
  • Gallery Lock
  • Updated No-frills CPU Control
  • Benchmark
  • Sound Manager
  • System Replacer
  • Media Scanner
  • System Odexer
  • Etc.
A2SD Users:
Non A2SD Users:
  1. Download Hyperion Plus.zip [A2SD or Non A2SD]
  2. Put it on your SD Card
  3. Turn off your phone
  4. Go to ClockworkMod Recovery
  5. Go to Mounts and Storage
  6. Mount System [If unmount/system is shown, system is already mounted]
  7. After that Go back to the Home of Clockworkmod Recovery, Choose Install ZIP From SD Card
  8. Go to Choose ZIP from SD Card
  9. Choose the Hyperion Plus.zip [Common Sense. Means the Hyperion Plus you have been downloaded on the Downloads Section]
  10. Choose Yes
  11. After flashing, Choose Reboot System Now.
  12. Enjoy the Hyperion Plus~!
  • For the Equalizer fix just flash the zip via Clockworkmod Recovery. Dont forget to Mount System first! 
Official XDA Thread:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2210939

Paolo (Author)
About The Author:

Paolo is another author of GalaxyYArchive Blog. He is a Filipino and loves to install modifications on his phone to share it to other Samsung Galaxy Y Users.
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  1. what is the a2sd....im a little bit confused about it need some help.. pls.

  2. hyperion 8 had bugs in internet and wifi...
    did u fix it in this update..
    coz i jus love dis rom...its so cool..

  3. Hi my name is Zac .and i am the biggest fan of this blog ...i m juz wondering before flashing this file should i flash the hyperion rom first ??plz reply asap thx thx

  4. Hey Galaxyyarchive be more active ur getting sloppy now i visit ur site to check on cool stuffs for my phone but then everyday i visit still no cool stuffs please post cool stuffs ...

  5. ok this is a request please creat a video intsalling cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y

  6. but Mr.John what about the internet error???

  7. I think it is all about your browser, Try to install some custom browsers like UC Browser,Dolphin Browser,Etc.

  8. bro no bugs founded>>>>

    everything is going good

  9. Paolo para sau anu ung top 2 best custom roms for sgy?

  10. Top 1 - Customized Stock ROM
    Top 2 - Hyperion 8

  11. thank you...

  12. Color bugs: (white text on white background) in this rom plzz tell me hw to solve this plzz plzz bro plzzz

  13. Paolo plz help...
    When i try to install app, it's take too long...

    What to do???

  14. Sorry. Please tell it to the Developer of Hyperion Plus at the XDA Thread to fix it.

  15. Sorry, Please tell it to the Developer of the Hyperion Plus @ the XDA Thread to fix it

  16. ano ung best na kernel dto?maliban sa merruk?

  17. Ok na ba yung color bug nya sa messaging ? hmm

  18. hi admin...i already install hyperion 8 pre gm build 02 in my galaxy young...there,there is a app named link2sd.so if i want to install this hyperion 8 update,what package should i download,with a2sd or non a2sd???please answer as fast as possible..thanx..

  19. sir john, cn u tell us wat r d bugs found in hyperion 8 update?..messaging color?..

  20. ser ano po b ung cnsbi nla n bugs s messaging?..

  21. yung merruk kernal ba yung may dahilan kng bakit ng'sashutdown yung SGY ? kac after installing Merruk Kernal for overclocking , ng'sashutdown nah yung SGY qu bigla2 ..

  22. ang panget ng update . walang kwenta to . ung ibang features sa setting ndi gumagana . nabasa ko sa ibang blog ndi ito official update magsisisi kayo .

  23. Hey I also tried dolphin browser and uc browser not working man
    Go and F**K yourself

  24. Hi!

    I can't set widgets. I download a widget and i can't set it on desktop. Please help me!!!

  25. im using hyperion8 on my galaxy y gt-s5360 but i can't sign in on you tube. theres a pop up box says download google services but still same scenario. may solution na b dto?

  26. when it get stuck on galaxy y icon idaan nyo sa odin

  27. im using hyperion8 on my galaxy y gt-s5360 but i can't sign in on you tube. theres a pop up box says download google services but still same scenario. may solution na b dto? when it get stuck on galaxy y icon idaan nyo sa odin

  28. Hi,

    Go to the XDA forum thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2210939 and you will get help and get it sorted out but if you post stuff like "Go and F**K yourself you will be kicked out. I totally bricked me y on the 2nd custom rom install and I had a guy who actually makes tailor made stock ROMs tell me how to handle the brick. But those guys and the guy running this blog do it all for free.

  29. Link2sd is to move your apps hogging the system internal memory to your sd card, then link back to the system. You also need an app called Super User to monitor those links and warn you of wrong activities that can mess up your system. Link2sd will also tell which apps can be moved and which apps must stay on the internal memory. You need to make a separate partition on your sd card from the link2sd apps to go to. Link2sd will make you very happy as to how much internal memory you can recover. Mine went down to 39mb occupied!

  30. Go to the XDA thread and get help but you must have a stock ROM to install onto and install the first Hyperion 8 onto the stock ROM but here is the best way. First search for CWM - galaxy y, then install Nandroid Back Up with CWM. Back up your Hyperion 8 with Nandroid Back Up. Also back up all your apps, all the smses and sms conversations you want to keep, phone conversations and contacts to your sd card with Super Back Up Pro. You can get that through Blackmarket Alpha App for free. Just google for it. OK then do this:

    Install GT-S5360_CWM, google for it. Put it on your sd card
    Go to clockworkmod recovery.Or just Power Off and Reboot into Recovery
    No need to do these: Volume up, power button, and home button all pressed together for a couple of seconds.

    Wipe the cache partition
    Go to Advanced and wipe the dalvik and batt stats
    Go to mounts and storage and select it.
    Go to format / system and select it.
    Scroll down to format system and select yes.
    Go to format / data and select it
    Scroll down to format data and select yes.
    Go to format / cache and select it.
    Scroll down to format cache and select yes.
    Find GT-S5360_CWM on sdcard
    Install it which will take you into CWM mode
    Now go back and install the rom from the internal or external sd card.
    This is the correct way of doing a full wipe everything is erased and formatted ready for the new rom, no old system files, old kernel remnants etc….
    No need to wipe data/factory reset, and your internal and external sd cards remain untouched.
    You can install any Rom using this method, no need to go back to a stock base via Odin, you can go from GB to ICS or GB to JB, or ICS to JB or visa versa, any combination you like, it won’t brick your phone, i use it all the time and always a smooth flowing Rom running sweetly.

  31. Flashes fast and easy.

  32. Alternatively just install UC Browser and you can access YouTube through that, the fastest Mobile browser!

  33. paki install mo lng ng mabuti boss..gumagana nmn ung update sakin,mas lalo pang gumanda ung ROM pinaka ung sound..

  34. hi man, i love this rom so much but i have one problem, after installing hyperion 8 pre build 2 my phone always switch off by it self for 30munites, any solution for this problem? thanks and sorry for my bad english :P

  35. Check your running apps to see if there are any conflicts between any of them. Your other resort would be changing your kernel.

  36. I flashed the stock wifi driver with the zip file, but still I'm not able to connect my wifi, please help

  37. Sa Messaging App. Tignan mo ung kinoment ko .

  38. Are you using Hyperion 8? If not, First Flash the Hyperion 8 then flash the Hyperion Plus.zip file in order to use the Hyperion Update.

  39. chain.jt@gmail.comMay 28, 2013 at 7:26 AM

    Please fix the bugs on messaging or help me to solve the bugs

  40. where is the hyperion plus.zip

  41. im using hyperion 8... what updates do i need to download ... A2sd users or Non A2sd users?

  42. i think non A2sd users .. its because you already have link2sd

  43. what hyperion plus.zip is it A2sd users or non A2sd users... im using hyperion 8

  44. ok nmn sakin ... im also using hyperion 8

  45. Hi.. my phone jst keeps freezing after rebootiin it..please advise....
    Is there a way to format it...tried everything advised

  46. Is there some1 out there can can advise perhaps.????????

  47. @Haizarul Fareez...jst installed Hyperion 8pre, after rebootin the phnne keep on freezin not restartin properly....

  48. wipe battery stats
    go to mount and storage
    format system
    format data
    format cache
    mount system
    mount data
    at mount cache
    yan di nyo na kailangan mag factory reset ready for new rom na ang ganyang paraan kadalasan pag factory reset lang mabibrick ang galaxy y
    ganyan gnawa ko at di pako nabibrick
    di nyo narin kelangan mag flash ng stock rom sa paraan na yanmatik na yan hehehe
    share lang poh...

  49. If you're having problems try re-flashing the rom. It is advisable to go back to stock rom first.

  50. uninstall nalang sa upadate sa youtube.. pwedi rin naman yong dati...

  51. admin? after i install hyperion 8.the USB connector detected by the computer. but when i transferring the hyperion 8 plus. there is no drive. what should i do? :( pls replay

  52. hey i'm a galaxy y duos user when i flashed this rom my phone works great but when i clicked on camera my phone bricked i tried to flash it via odin but still my phone is still bricked :( , any ideas

  53. Tol flash mo lng muna ung hyperion 8 bago mo i flashed ung hyperion plus update..

  54. I installed Hyperion plus and overclock to 1.2Ghz.. However after I overclock it I got just one tiny problem. The battery gauge is not moving upward nor showing it is charging when it is POWERED OFF and connected to charger even using usb to pc still no movement. Please help

  55. how do i change the color of the text when i write somthing in the message box, ? its color blue and i can't see it in a white background. please just help

  56. i can't download and use google play services from google play store.
    please help!

  57. bro, ok lang ba kaht naka hyperion 8 kana tas ipapatong ko ung bagong update?? salamat...