Here is a custom kernel made by hell_lock of XDA Forums.

  • Ramdisk Modded to Run CM7 Easily
  • BaCeM Tweak
  • Additional WiFi and Brightness Modules
  • ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery
  • 4 Frequencies (156,312,624,832Mhz)
  • 16 Governors
  • 5 I/O Schedulers
  • Droidwall Supported
  • Ext4,3,2 Supported
  • Decent Performance
  • Init.d Supported
  1. Download and
  2. Put it on your SD Card
  3. Turn off your Phone
  4. Go to Recovery Mode (VolUp+HomeKey+PowerKey)
  5. Now choose Apply update to SD Card
  6. Choose
  7. Now go to Install Zip from SD Card
  8. Now go to Choose Zip from SD Card
  9. Choose the
  10. After that follow the Instructions given on Aroma Installer.
  11. After the Aroma Installer, Finally Reboot System Now
  12. Install No-frills CPU Control and CPU Spy
  13. Go to No-frills CPU Control:
  • Governor = smartassv2
  • I/O Scheduler = noop
  • Max. Frequency = 832mhz
  • Min. Frequency = 156mhz
  • Finish!

  • Savie
  • Irfanbagus
  • Maroc-OS
  • dsixda
  • Sakindia
  • kurotsugi
  • MarcoToo
  • whitexp
  • Rio
  • hell_lock

Paolo (Author)
About The Author:

Paolo is another author of GalaxyYArchive Blog. He is a Filipino and loves to install modifications on his phone to share it to other Samsung Galaxy Y Users.
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  1. It works but with lags how to fix it?!

  2. set your preferred governor..

    try setting to interactive or smartass

  3. Is this make my galaxy y fast????

  4. if i set LAG FREE in governor. what I/O SCHEDULER do i use .. pls reply ,.. thanks

  5. is this compatible with Hyperion 9 ROM ? pls reply tnx