Here is yet another Galaxy S4 look-a-like launcher for the Samsung Galaxy Y. This one is currently being modified by TheRoHit18 from xda-developers forums. On top of that, in this post I will provide you a S4 Weather look-a-like (based off Ya Weather) that is again modded by TheRohit18 with a transparent background and a flashable S4 fonts zip file.

galaxy y s4 launcher

This one seems awfully similar to SaM-RoN's S4 launcher release that was exported from a chinese device, but to have it available in a seperate post, there must be some changes applied that make it look different than SaM-RoN's.

The previous version of this launcher had an issue where the user would install it and then get a black screen when trying to launch it. This issue is claimed to be fixed in this version 4.

V4 changelog:

  • Removed some useless animations and some stuff
  • Now you can enjoy full size widgets
  • Some improvement in launcher's font
  • Some layout improvements
  • Now v4 looks more like the original s4 launcher


  • S4 icons
  • S4 wallpapes
  • S4 app drawer
  • S4 Page indicators
  • Shake to Change Wallpaper feature
  • Original tw5 ldpi like resized icons


S4 Launcher - Click here.
S4 Fonts - Click here.
Transparent S4 Weather - Click here.
Google Search widget - Click here.


  1. Download all the files to your sdcard
  2. Boot into CWM Recovery
  3. Go to mounts and storage - make sure everything is monted just to be safe
  4. Flash the S4 Launcher zip file, flash the s4 fonts zip file (optional)
  5. Reboot your phone
  6. Install the S4 Weather apk
  7. Install the Google Search widget apk
  8. Enjoy

Installation & Review:

Source: xda-developers


  1. nice but like the gya rom better, so mitko can you make a flashable GYA tweaks pack , only good ones like low ram cosuption , memory tweaks , wifi tweaks and performance tweaks etc............? answer asap .

  2. yeah an other thing , can you make a tutorial of how to install v6 supercharger

  3. Will it work on my galaxy s2

  4. rooted necessary bfore installing this app

  5. this will delete my files and other launchers ?

  6. rooted necessary bfore installing this app???

  7. guys the download link is not available

  8. Download link is dead!plz fix!

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  11. help please my phone notthing CWM Recovery

  12. dude...
    links are dead plz fix that