For those of you who don't know, the Nexus 5 along with Android 4.4 Kit Kat have been released. Just days after that, the launcher was leaked but unfortunately it requires you to have an Android version of at least 4.1 and above.

A workaround for this would be to obtain the icons, make them into a flashable zip and then use them with a ICS/Jelly Bean look-a-like launcher. KnightlyNinja from xda-developers forums has already done that.

Just like any other icon pack, this one also simply replaces only the png files for the apps' icons and does not replace the whole app. After trying this out on a TouchWiz launcher, the results weren't that good but if you use a launcher such as Holo Launcher, you might get pleasant results. The icon pack is also offered in two versions. The first one has a few icons replaced, and the second version a bit more, with a little different style.

The icons replaced are not just the dock icons, but the Settings, Camera, My Files, Gallery, Calendar, etc.



Kit Kat Icons v1- Click here.
Kit Kat Icons v2 - Click here.


  1. Download the zip file to your sdcard
  2. Boot into CWM Recovery
  3. Head into mounts and storage and just make sure that /system is mounted
  4. Go back, choose to install zip from sdcard
  5. Select choose zip from sdcard
  6. Now locate the zip file and choose it
  7. Choose Yes to confirm when asked
  8. Reboot

Video instructions and demo:

Source: xda



  1. Sir when is the Kitkat Rom coming for galaxy y??

  2. In your dreams
    Do you really think it'd even be designed for galaxy Y
    Even ICS or Jellybeans have not been avaiable for Galaxy Y just forget about Kitkat

  3. But ics nd jelly bean r available...I'm not taking about software update which v get from the company.I'm taking about changing the stock Rom after rooting...

  4. That's kind of unlikely to happen. But I'm pretty sure someone could start working on a 4.4 Kit Kat look-a-like rom just like Jelly Blast, Hyperion, etc, a rom that has the Kit Kat look and feel.

  5. funcina para el galaxy ace

  6. how to undo all settings.....

  7. The samsung galaxy y has a ICS rom

  8. Yeah a custom rom like that

  9. How can I uninstall this version?

  10. You can download a stock ui icon pack!