DC07 is at it again with ANOTHER CyanogenMod 7 based ROM and this time, he brings us Slim CM7.This is a port of another ROM of a Galaxy Mini so there might be some issues so I recommend his other ROM MiniCM


SLIM SERIES ROM's for Young are inspired by the famous SLIM-ROM's by tchaari for all the High-end phones like, Nexus, S3 etc.
So I decided to emulate the ROM's for our Young too.

Some big plus points or Observations according to me, from these highly-compressed and lite ROM's are =

Plus Points

1. Our phone has very less RAM to run GB in fully optimised manner. So these ROM's slightly fulfil that requirement. As the apps in these ROM's occupy very less RAM of around, 20 to 30 MB only !

2. Due to less RAM consumption, phone tends to be more responsive, smooth and faster !

3. Overall performance increases roughly around, 5 times !

4. If you are a benchmark believer, then AnTuTu scores were also slightly higher compared to the original ROM's

5. These lite ROM's along with any script like Adrenaline Engine, can boost your performance slightly higher.

6. These ROM's can be used as a daily driver, thanks to The Jellaxy Team !

7. Slim ROM's have slightly higher battery backup compared to the original ROM's. For me atleast, i.e; with minimal usage the phone lasts around =

Slim CM7 = 1day 13hours <--------- "Not really that great when Hyperion 8 GM Final lasts up to 2 days,

                                                   well before it bricked my phone when applying a live wallpaper"-SamDeniably

8. There's nothing great about these ROM's. BUT, their SIZE speaks for them !

Slim CM7 = 52 Mb

9. Going into details, he simply removed useless apps, fonts, ringtones that bloat our device. Anyway you can simply download their duplicates from Play Store. This will save a lot of space in the system, ultimately improving the performance up to some extent

10. He also wished to notify that, in future along with removal of bloatware, there might be significant changes in kernel specifically compiled for these minimal ROM's. He is still learning about Android so no promises, as this is all a pure-hobby, like everyone else's.

11. He had removed bloatware in to the maximum extent possible, but still if you feel there exists such an app which is useless, inform me, he will remove it

12. Finally,he ensured there was no warez used to create these ROM's

13. On a side note he removed all the boot-animations to conserve space. the screen will be blank, so don't worry you did not brick your phone



1.Install Percy's CM#2 Kernel FIRST! 
2. Copy downloaded rom to sd-card
3. Wipe data
4. Wipe cache
5. Install zip from sd-card
6. Wait till it flashes
7. Again wipe data
8. Again wipe cache
9. Again wipe dalvik cache
10. Hit reboot and enjoy his rom !


1. Added SimpleSU root permissions, thanx to noop.
2. Reduced the file system to even lesser sizes.
3. File-manager/gallery pre-included in system
4. Extreme Bare-bones
5. Stable-Rock-Solid
6. Now using ICS themed Zeam Launcher in CM7
7. Apex launcher
8. wp keyboard Removed Due To FC


1. browser
2. FM radio
3. Gapps
4. FileManager
5.LatinIME (Keyboard)


A_U For The Orignal ROM
ROM Thread
The Jellaxy Team, especially TheWhisp
All the original ROM developers, whose ROM's i have involved in this project.
krarvind the original creator of Slim Roms
tchaari for the original idea
Team Slim for their logo
Google for Android
Samsung for Mini
You for supporting him
Please contact him, if he forgot you


Official Thread



  1. through thus app my phone was destroyed...help me recover?please

  2. after rebooting,, my phone hang, and it only show sansung Galaxy Young Gt-s35360,, please help

  3. did you follow every instructions? What ROM and Kernel were you on before this? How long did you actually wait? MiniCM took about 10 min to boot up the first time for me

  4. Flash a stock rom with Odin if you can't find any other way to fix it.

  5. bluetooth not working

  6. can i suggest ?
    ahm . i think u should include to post a video about a this rom . just a quick review is enough (: and can u make a zip file of the needed kernel for this rom ? i had tried this w/ out flashing the kernel tar file . and yeah . it bricked (: ..

  7. Download the Kernel here.....CyanogenMod#2(www.galaxyyoung.net)


  8. I would have to contact Mitko about it as I don't have the right login IDs for galaxyyarchive YT Channel and if I posted on mine then I would get traffic instead of him

  9. i can't get root access in this ROM.......
    well i tried update.zip to root it but it doesn't work at all.........

  10. Thanks :) 4 the Link . Ive Tried the Rom .. IT is cool using Zeam launcher .
    But it doesnt Dont Have gallery and my files .. bluetooth cant connect .. :)

  11. do u have any siggeston sir how to fix bluetooth for this rom ? it would be great if u have (:

  12. why are there so many roms for S5360 but none for S6102??? the two models have almost the same hardware.

  13. plz tel me the whole process for my galaxy ace y gts-7500............plz help me?