It's time to ditch the old CWM v4 that you have been using for years on your Galaxy Y and move on to version 5!

The devs at BroadcomCM have built this 100% working temporary CWM v5 recovery for the Samsung Galaxy Y. From a first look, you're probably gonna say "this is basically the same old recovery with different text color". The transformation from orange text to blue is not the only change.


  • Colors are finally fixedCWM recovery updated to (last final sources of CWM 5)
  • Added BroadcomCM credits on recovery
  • Ensure system and data to be ALWAYS mounted when you install a zip
  • Don't need to mount more, as it is automaticly made (unmount too)
  • Backup and restore working (EXT4 and RFS)
  • All wipes that you can perform work on EXT4 and RFS too.
  • LDPI letters for small screen devices
  • Modded source of CWM to use power button as home button --> select item
Download CWM v5.0.2.8 - Click here.


  1. Download the zip file to your sdcard
  2. Boot into recovery mode
  3. Flash the zip file
  4. You should now be in the new CWM Recovery
Please note that this is still a temporary recovery which you need to flash everytime just like how you used to do it with the old one.

Source: xda


  1. can dis b used to install old roms..or we hv to stick to the old one

  2. I Have A Rom can u publish in this blog

  3. Hello. Can you provide me with more information regarding the rom?

  4. the new cwm in better than ever

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  6. I have a phone that everytime it boots up this pops up... I just want to use the phone! can somebody please tell me how o get rid of it?

  7. One question!!!I can't Understand the word 'Flash the zip file'Can u help mey?

  8. Hello beginner
    The word "Flash the zip file" means to "install zip from sd card".
    In other words Flash the zip file followed by these simple procedure :

    ° Remove your device's battery for 5 seconds and re-insert it. Don't Power On the device yet.

    ° Boot your device in Recovery Mode by press and hold the three keys simultaneously : VOLUME UP KEY+ HOME KEY + POWER KEY until Samsung Logo appears.

    From recovery mode select Install zip from sd card and select cwm recovery ( if you download from this site, and select Yes to continue installation. Wait for the installation is complete. After some time the installation must be completed.
    After that you can install various custom ROMs.
    Hope this will help you.

  9. i have lost all my sd card data while partition procedure and also not mount sd card in link 2sd how to backup all data pls help...

  10. question here.... am i gonna download the zip file on my pc or straight to my phone?? thnx

  11. My phone is this process any budy can help me for next process plzz tell me

  12. you alread have cwm, next thing to do is to backup your stockrom

    just do the following:
    =wipe cache partition
    =go to advance and wipe dalvik cache
    =go back and choose backup & restore
    =select backup
    =wait until it says backup complete
    =then reboot system now

    go now to your sdcard and you should have clockwormod folder
    inside that folder would be backup (another folder) and inside thi folder you should have some 2015-01-01-01----- (sample only) and you should have system, boot, data etc inside


    check tutorials here on how to make a backup

  14. http://samsunggalaxyy-gts5360....

    check tutorials here on how to make a backup


  16. Julius Estaron MagayonMay 3, 2015 at 12:33 AM

    how to unistall wrong zip file!! plsss
    i can't open my phone