Great news for those of you who are impatient! The team have released the BETA 2 build for download so that you can test the current in development CyanogenMod9.1 rom on your Galaxy Y.

Note: The screenshot inside the Galaxy Y frame above was not taken from this CM9.1 BETA 2 build.
This BETA 2 build consists of some large improvements such as fully working HW thanks to the recently released drivers, a working media scanner, WiFi, Bluetooth, smooth animations and others.

BETA 2 changelog:

  • Fully HW fixed thanks to Broadcom Drivers
  • Gralloc, HGL, hwcomposer built from source
  • Fixed Media Scanner due to HGL working
  • CRT animation, rotation... (all animations) working smooth
  • Fixed rotation animation
  • Reduced a lot of booting time with 4.0 Kernel
  • Updated overlay

What is working in BETA 2

  • Boot
  • Touch
  • Multitouch
  • Settings
  • Browser
  • File manager
  • Swipe notification
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Widgets + Resize
  • Bluetooth
  • Media Scanner (partially)
  • Wifi
  • Phone
  • HW

What is not working in BETA 2

  • Camera
  • 3G + Data
  • Audio
  • USB Mass storage
  • And others

Download CM9.1 BETA 2 - Click here.
Download EXT4 Formatter Tool - Click here.
Version 4.0 Kernel - Click here.


In order to succesfully install the CM9.1 on your Samsung Galaxy Y, you first need to format your file system to EXT4 using the EXT4 Formatter tool, then install the kernel and finally install the rom. Detailed installation steps can be found in bieltv.3's post.

Source: Bieltv.3 blog


  1. so... it started! XD thanks!

  2. USB storage not working means I cannot connect to my PC and I cannot go to stock rom??
    and audio not working means when I make a phone call I cannot hear any thing from the other side??
    please reply me fast..

  3. Glad to hear that... CM Team are the best!!!! Hurray!!! and congrats....

  4. so will there be a offical cm 9 and if i install this rom i can play gta 3 without using chainfire 3d and using egl driver is it please reply fast mikto please

  5. here are the bugs:

    Camera not working
    Music not woking. I mean all of it!
    No tethering option.

    please fix it quick! i already feel the icecream sandwich in my hands! thanks.

  6. I need help please ~ my usb cable port (the one where you insert your charger in) is messed up and i need a way to flash stock kernel to flash this version 4 kernel afterwards... im on percy#2... so can i flash hells kernel then flash stock? Its based on this

  7. You can still reset to stock via Odin, but that means that you cannot move files to your SD card when the rom is on. I suggest using an adapter or just putting SD card to other phone and moving the files there.

  8. Thanks for replying and why games are not working in this rom??
    can anyone can tell me that I am facing the problem or anybody else and My network also not working as I have seen that network is working in some devices..??

  9. Such a Great Update :)
    Keep Up the Good work Guys :3

  10. Great! Cann wait for the final release

  11. can someone help me? well my phone just got bricked, I dont know if it is Soft bricked or worst... I got Hyperion8 GoldenMasterFinal and i put merruk on it, After I put merruk kernel on it, it auto shuts down my phone. So I decided to Flash it to stock rom but suddenly because of my stupidity attack i accidentally pressed clear "wipe data/factory reset, Wipe cache partition, and wipe dalvik Cache" and after that my phone stucked on the galaxy y part. And i tried to put this ROM and I cant use Odin anymore... (i dont know if it is only my USB cable or the phone has a problem) please quick reply. I want to use my phone again T^T

  12. Klien Menard LuminariasApril 6, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    GREAT !!! :)) there's no file manager but I found my way to browse my files :))

    still waiting for the official :)

  13. Nice but fix sound bug an the other bugs as fast you can

  14. its been very long time since last post mitko

  15. beta 3 is out for now. go get it dude and pls upload on youtube an installation of this.

  16. Ja lançou a Beta 3
    Biel have released the CM9 BETA 3

  17. CM 9 BETA 4 IS OUT NOW

  18. it stable ? follow me @NaufalFalihRab1

  19. What is not working in BETA 2
    3G + Data
    USB Mass storage
    And others