Great news! CyanogenMod9.1 for the Galaxy Y is now stable than ever. The last build that was posted here was the BETA 2 but now there is a BETA 4 available and I am guessing there is really no need to mention or post anything about BETA 3 since it is now considered an old build.

Note: The screenshot inside the Galaxy Y frame above was not taken from this CM9.1 BETA 2 build.

The BETA 3 and 4 releases bring some great bug fixes such as Audio, RIL (2G, 3G/H+), improved HW driver implementation and many more. Below is a list of BETA 3 and BETA 4 change logs mixed into one:
  • Fixed RIL (2G and 3G/H+ working)
  • Fixed SMS / MMS sending and recieving
  • Added libbrcm_ril from CM7 device tree
  • IMEI fixed too
  • Added back libasound (deprecated on ICS) but called by RIL
  • Removed wrong configs for RIL on BoardConfig
  • New RIL build.prop tweak that was deprecated
  • Clean up overlay on device tree
  • Fixed more layout issues on LDPI overlay (tassve and totoro)
  • Fixed Orange weird animations on LDPI devices
  • Sensors fixed for Tassve
  • Fixed PRDOUCT_NAME on Tassve
  • Fixed battery stats (linear bar)
  • Fixed 1% battery bug
  • Improved HW drivers implementation
  • Fixed Audio coming through speakers
  • New audio libs built from source (legacy ALSA - Nexus S)
  • Fixed USB Mass Storage (USB connected through PC)
  • Fixed torch (Cooperve) deleting dependency with Camera libs
  • Fixed Sensors adding memsicd to build and new Sensor libs
  • Fixed accelerometer (rotation screen, smooth effect)
  • Fixed proximity sensor (on calling)
  • First support of open-sourced liblights (future BLN support - not included)
  • First work done on fixing battery stats (Settings -> Battery, not working atm)
  • Fixed LDPI (tassve, totoro) values for trebuchet and framework
  • Added back small and simple file Manager (requested)
  • Deleted double de-fines on build.prop
  • New property overrides took from CM9 of msm7x27 devices (untested)
  • Improved stability of CM9 on BCM devices
  • Update-script like CM9 official (removing Kernel install)
  • Improved device tree
Download CyanogenMod9.1 BETA 4 - Click here.
Download EXT4 Formatter Tool - Click here.
Version 4.0 Kernel - Click here.


In order to succesfully install the CM9.1 on your Samsung Galaxy Y, you first need to format your file system to EXT4 using the EXT4 Formatter tool, then install the kernel and finally install the rom. Detailed installation steps can be found in bieltv.3's post.

Source: bieltv3 blog


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  3. again bugs are there in this rom .... camera not working, cannot talk in calls ....!!! pls update it

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  10. my phone stock in galaxy y logo after following this step pls help me

  11. Mitko CM11 for galaxy y building on androidarmv6 :-) now androidarmv6 supports our device but we need SELinux supported recovery

  12. a best Rom that i dont meet for all Rom that i tryed.because apps who was not be installed in this mobile can to be install.and the great probleme is:reboot every time,photo app no work,mobile data not work,wifi not work.if developpers thinking about update this faster than possible its will able my best Rom.